Kevin Durant Reacts to Dropping Three Straight Games to Timberwolves

Well it looks as though we are reaching the end of an era, folks.

Kevin Durant, LeBron James and Steph Curry were all fairly healthy this season considering their ages, but it’s looking increasingly likely none of them will make it out of the first round.

In what seemed like a-passing-of-the-torch game, Anthony Edwards absolutely owned Kevin Durant in the T-Wolves’ 126-109 win against the Suns on Friday.

Ant totalled 36 points, nine rebounds and five assists, while Durant scored 25 points, four rebounds and five assists.

If the Suns get swept, the slander and the narrative that Durant hasn’t achieved anything since he left the Warriors will never cease.

The Suns fans at Footprint Center were openly booing their team for the display that was put on.

“Yeah, of course, we hear it all,” Durant said. “They expect so much out of us, they pay their hard-earned money and they deserve to react how they wanna react. So it’s on us as players to use it as fuel and hopefully it ignites us for next game.”

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Edwards is fully on his way to becoming a Wolves legend. He has already tied Kevin Garnett’s record for the most 30-point playoff games (seven) in Timberwolves history – doing it in 33 fewer games.

“I just want to kill everything in front of me,” Edwards said during a postgame interview.

Phoenix guard Bradley Beal doesn’t want to go down without a fight.

“I’ve never been swept a day in my life, so I’ll be damned if that happens,” Beal said.

Devin Booker added, “I’m the type to just focus on the next game. So play by play, possession by possession. They say nobody’s ever done it before, that’s exciting.”

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