Bucks Escalate Pacers Beef With Heated Comments


Bucks and Pacers players appear to have a growing distaste for each other, with the beef between the two teams escalating this week thanks to Milwaukee’s Bobby Portis.

“I mean, just quite frankly, they’re frontrunners, bro,” Portis said Tuesday. “Y’all can just tweet that or whatever it is, bro. When the sh-t going good, they laughing, clapping, all that. When it’s going bad, they not saying nothing.”

Portis said this in reference to all the physicality, trash talking and technical fouls during Game 2 of the first-round playoff series between the Bucks and Pacers.

His comments were just the latest shot that Milwaukee and Indiana players have taken at each other.

The whole beef began with a dispute over who would get to keep the game ball on the night Giannis Antetokounmpo scored a career-high 64 points in December.

Then when the Pacers beat the Bucks during the In-Season Tournament, Tyrese Haliburton taunted Damian Lillard by mimicking his famous “Dame Time” celebration.

Lillard responded by saying, “For as many times as I’ve done it to people, I can’t be upset when somebody else does it… I’ve also known when you are having your moment, it’s important to be careful and be humble.”

Considering history has a way of repeating itself, expect plenty more spice when the Bucks and Pacers meet again for Game 3 on Friday.

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