Draymond Green Weighs In on Bronny James’ Controversial Draft Decision


Everyone has got an opinion about Bronny James declaring for the 2024 NBA Draft, so it was only a matter of time before Draymond Green weighed in on the situation.

Similar to what former NBA player Baron Davis said recently, Green thinks LeBron’s eldest son declaring for this year’s draft was a good move.

“I think it’s a smart move for him to go in this NBA draft because this NBA draft will go down probably as one of the worst in history,” Green said on The Draymond Green Show. “From a top talent standpoint. There’s not even a consensus No. 1 pick. I think it’s a great decision, and I definitely think Bronny will be a successful NBA player.”

Despite Bronny having a less than average freshman season for the Trojans, Green thinks Bronny has got what it takes.

“Number one, he knows how to work,” Green said. “And if you don’t think he knows how to work, go look at Bronny from his freshman year to sophomore, sophomore to junior, junior to senior. There, you will see a kid that knows how to work because you will see the improvement in his game, you will see the improvement in his body, you can see the improvement in his athleticism.”

There are as many negative opinions as positive opinions about Bronny’s draft decision.

An anonymous GM recently told The Ringer that James should stay in college for another year to hone his craft.

“Bronny is nowhere near ready,” the GM told the outlet. “He should go back to school to develop at his own pace or he risks getting lost in the shuffle, whether or not he’s playing with his dad.”

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Of course, Bronny is guided by his father and he hasn’t put all his eggs in one basket.

He’s declared for the draft, but he’s also entered the NCAA transfer portal and left himself a place in a college team.