Giannis and Dame Address Bucks’ Struggles Amid Losing Streak


The Bucks number two seed is in danger of being snatched by the Magic and stars Giannis Antetokounmpo and Damian Lillard have addressed their struggles.

Milwaukee have dropped their last four games straight and after the team’s latest 122-109 defeat to the Knicks on Sunday, Giannis sat alone in the locker room for over an hour.

He knows how important it is for Bucks to get their groove back and start playing like themselves again.

“When was the last time Malik did [his trademark 3-point shimmy celebration]? When was the last time Pat hit a 3 and [celebrated]? When was the last time Jae hit a 3, went back and he swags back? When was the last time I dunked on somebody and went ‘Ahhhhhh!’” Giannis told The Athletic.

“It’s almost like we’re going through the motions. We gotta find our joy back.”

Although the team is struggling, star players like Lillard are keeping the faith and it is clear the goal of a championship this season is still at the forefront.

“I mean, as crazy as it might sound, I feel good,” Lillard said. “..I see Giannis, Khris, Bobby and Brook and Jae and Pat, Beas. When I look around, I just have a true belief in what we have, our experience, how long we’ve been around. And I know that sometimes it gets dark. This league is a tough league. Sometimes you have hard times. And I think that’s what it is for us. …”

“…That’s why you gotta stay together, you gotta keep believing. And these are the moments where you find out who’s a real one and who’s not, because everybody’s going to be saying negative stuff and how wrong it is and how bad it is, and you can fold or not fold. That’s what we’re going to learn about ourselves going into the playoffs, based on the experience that we having right now.”

As it stands, the Bucks will face Philly in the first round of the playoffs, but Orlando are hot on their heels for second seed.

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