WATCH: Russell Westbrook Gets Into Heated Exchange With Fan

fan Westbrook

Clippers guard Russell Westbrook got into a heated spat with a Hornets fan on Sunday because Russ took issue with the way the fan was disrespecting his name.

During halftime of the Clippers’ game in Charlotte, Westbrook went up to a fan sitting near courtside wearing a Hornets jersey and (hilariously) a balloon hat.

The man was apparently chirping at Russ throughout the first half and called him ‘Russell Westbrick’.

Which, as we know from past incidents, Westbrook doesn’t take kindly to.

ESPN reporter Jeremy Grandison tweeted a video of Russ’ colorful exchange with the man.

“That’s my family name. Respect that,” Westbrook said in the video “I got kids, don’t disrespect my name. You understand?

“Do you understand? I don’t give a f**k, do you understand me?”

The Clippers ended up winning the game 130-118 and Westbrook finished with 11 points (4/6 FG, 3/4 FT), five rebounds, four assists, two steals, and three turnovers.

Westbrook was asked about the exchange postgame and explained why he felt so disrespected.

“If I’m responding, there’s a reason I’m responding,” he told reporters.

”… Understanding what Westbrook means. Understanding how important that is to my dad, my grandfather, my family. It’s very important. It’s something I stand on, and respect is a big thing that I value. So the moment that line gets crossed, I won’t allow it no more. I stood for it for years. Now that my son is old enough to know what’s going on and asking me, ‘Hey, Dad, what does that mean?’ Now I gotta stand on it.”

It’s not the first time Russ has gotten really upset about being called  ‘Westbrick’. In March of 2022, Westbrook confronted a fan for the same reason when he was with the Lakers.

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