LeBron James Reveals Why He Decided to Start Podcast With JJ Redick

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LeBron James has started a new podcast called Mind the Game with JJ Redick and the league’s greatest ever scorer has revealed the reason why he wanted to have his own platform.

“I feel like we was losing the essence of the game of basketball and the true meaning behind the game,” James told reporters after the Lakers’ 150-145 win against the Pacers on Sunday “… I was getting very frustrated with the daily comparisons every single day. You know who’s better between you and Dave McMenamin or how does this affect your legacy… It’s not good for the youth. “…you’re hearing it everyday on national television and I feel like our audience needed a different approach and to understand what really the true essence of the game is..how I fell in love with the game.”

LeBron went on to explain why he partnered up with former NBA player turned ESPN analyst JJ Redick, who already has a podcast of his own – The Old Man and the Three.

“To have someone like JJ who has the same sort of mindset about the game of basketball,” LeBron said. “Very smart. Fell in love with the game for all the right reasons. It’s something I’ve been thinking about for quite a while. JJ was just..it was perfect timing.”

LeBron will join other NBA players like Paul George, Patrick Beverley and Josh Hart and Jalen Brunson – who have their own podcasts.

However, James’ podcast may well end up being the most popular, since the first episode that was posted to YouTube five days ago has already clocked 2,818,933 views.

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Many YouTube users seem to appreciating the unfiltered version of LeBron on the new podcast, with one user expressing, “I missed this LeBron, Without the pressure of reporters asking about the GOAT, Or trying to defend his legacy, Or explaining losses and wins.. Just pure basketball without the bullsh*t. Keep it up”.