Jason Kidd Opens Up on Kyrie Irving’s First Year in Dallas

Kyrie Irving Kidd

The Mavs took a big risk acquiring Kyrie Irving at last year’s deadline, but it is really starting to pay off.

For the first time in a long time, Irving seems genuinely happy to be playing on an NBA team.

He has also been the subject of little drama in Dallas, unlike his tenure in Brooklyn.

Kyrie clearly feels like he belongs and in turn is producing some impressive basketball alongside Luka Doncic.

“I have my own beliefs and views,” Irving said after the Mavs’ 113-97 win over the Jazz on Thursday. “I think, here in Dallas, I have been accepted way beyond just my talent on the court. I think it is for what I represent in the broader world.”

Mavericks coach Jason Kidd was asked about what he thought of Irving’s first year in Dallas.

“Whatever he said,” Kidd said, via Joey Mistretta. “No, he’s been great. When you talk about the embrace of coming to Dallas. Some of us, we’ve known him for a long time. I think he’s really enjoyed the city of Dallas. I think he’s enjoyed the people here, the organization. You can see that in his play. He’s playing at a high level right now for us. Again, as being a quarterback and one of the leaders of the team, I think his first year has been incredible.”

The Hall-of-Famer spoke about his bond with Irving and how he wants to help him achieve greatness.

“Yeah, it’s closer,” Kidd said of his bond with Irving. “You spend a lot of time together. There’s a lot of conversations. He wants to be one of the best when it’s all said and done. My job is to help him get there.”

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Despite their early struggles last season, Luka and Kyrie are fast becoming an unstoppable duo and have a 27-15 record when on the court together this season.

The Mavs have won seven of their last ten games and have a 41-29 record on the season overall.

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