Zion Williamson Photos & Videos Show Wild Body Transformation

Zion Williamson

Zion Williamson has teased us many times before. It’s been an annual tradition for photos to emerge of Williamson seemingly in great physical condition during the preseason, only for him to enter the regular season out of shape.

But it appears Zion has finally come good. Yes, there have been more promising photos:

Zion Williamson

But there’s also been some very compelling in-game action that suggests the former number-one pick is returning to the peak of his athletic powers.

One of the best examples is this play:

Williamson has barely, if ever, been capable of that level of speed during his time in the NBA. This is borderline Duke Zion. He’s looking so good that even Stephen A. Smith is giving him props.

There’s also this one very telling stat:

And just look at the monstrous nature of these blocks:

While blocks are hardly a perfect sole indicator of athleticism, in Zion’s case, his sharp uptick in that category matches what the eye test has been telling us: he’s getting his lift back.

Most importantly, Williamson’s physical improvement is translating into team success, with New Orleans winning 15 of their past 20 games. The Pelicans have the third-highest winning percentage in the league over that stretch.

It great to have you back, Zion.

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