Deandre Ayton Shares Bizarre Reason For Early Struggles at Blazers


NBA players have come up with some weird excuses as to why they’re underperforming with a new team, but the excuse Deandre Ayton has given might just take the cake.

Ayton recently revealed that poor sleep on an air mattress contributed to his inconsistent play when he first moved to Portland.

“My body wasn’t just my body. People forget the humane difference of me adjusting to everything. … Just being comfortable in waking up,” he told The Oregonian. “I didn’t have a bed for quite some time. I was on an air mattress. Just trying to figure this out.”

Ayton’s new contract with the Blzaers is worth approx $32,459,438 in 2023/24, so surely he could have ordered a new mattress with next day delivery no problems?!

Besides the sleep on an air mattress, it also seemed as though Ayton was missing his support network.

“I got all the money in the world but at the same time, some of this is inhumane where money don’t matter, just having your people around and the support you need,” Ayton said.

It seems a new bed may have finally arrived, since Ayton  has averaged 29 points and 16.8 rebounds over his last four games.

“I just want people to believe no matter what the game is, no matter how it looks, regardless, no matter the fact, I’m gonna try my best way to make winning plays,” Ayton said. “That’s just it. Whether it’s me scoring, rebounding, blocking shots, cheering on my teammates, getting them going, making plays, just rolling to the rim, not getting the ball, it don’t matter. I’m just trying to show everybody I can do it all.”

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