Udonis Haslem Issues Warning to Paul Pierce Amid Ongoing Beef

Pierce Haslem Beef

Udonis Haslem and Paul Pierce have beef that started on the basketball court in the late 2000s, and the hard feelings between the pair are very much still there.

Haslem spoke about the animosity between him and Celtics legend Pierce and hinted at burying the hatchet before things go too far.

“My daddy didn’t raise no punk and I don’t play no games,” Haslem said on The OGs Podcast. “I’m with all that. What I’m going to do is I’m going to disconnect from that situation. I don’t play like that.”

Even though viewers of the podcast knew exactly who Haslem was referring to, he refused to mention Pierce’s name.

“I’m gonna spare you because I know you ain’t like that,” Haslem explained.

The latest chapter of this long-standing rivalry sparked up again after Pierce said the Boston Celtics-Heat rivalry from the 2010s wasn’t as intense as Haslem had previously claimed.

The former Celtics star also refuted the story where Haslem told him and Kevin Garnett that he would fight them in a grocery store.

“First of all, I’m trying to remember when he told me that,” Pierce said on The Dan LeBatard Show in recent weeks. “I never remember hearing that. Second of all, when we played Miami and Udonis Haslem was out there, I don’t remember no hard screens, no hard fouls…It is what it is. I’d rather do it in a telephone booth, but if you need more room in the grocery store, that’s cool, too.”

Pierce added further fuel to the fire when he criticised the Heat for retiring Udonis’ No. 40 jersey earlier in the season.

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Stephen Jackson made an Instagram post saying how UD’s jersey getting retired is earned not given.

Pierce replied in the comments with, “this one given bro just sayin’”.

Haslem warned that the pair should leave their differences in the past, or “Somebody gonna get hurt.”

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