Extent of Drew Eubanks’ Injuries From Isaiah Stewart Punch Revealed

Stewart Eubanks

The full extent of Drew Eubanks’ injuries after his fight with Isaiah Stewart have been revealed, as the Police Report from the incident has been released.

Eubanks and Stewart went at it in the tunnels at Footprint Center on February 14 before tipoff.

Stewart wasn’t even playing in the game since he was recovering from an ankle injury, but had beef with Eubanks from a game three months prior.

The Suns forward made a complaint to the Phoenix Police about five hours after he was punched by Stewart.

The Phoenix Police Department incident report obtained by TMZ Sports explains that Stewart was ready for a fight the moment he saw Eubanks get off the bus.

“He got off the bus and he started, um, just talking s***,” Eubanks told police. “He said something along the lines of, ‘You wanna run it back? We’re right here. We can do it right now.'”

Stewart then said, “We can do this s*** right now” … before he threw “a sucker punch.”

Eubanks told police that the blow landed in the center of his mouth, causing his gums to bleed. In the report he detailed, “My teeth definitely are like looser and they hurt.”

The Phoenix police went on to ask Eubanks why he thought the Detroit big man might be so agitated with him.

Eubanks believed their encounter three months prior was just a regular NBA scuffle.

“Just basketball stuff,” he said. “It was, you know, lowering your shoulder. Trying to hit, hit somebody for a box out. Being physical. Talking on the court. That’s all it was.”

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The Suns forward wanted to press charges at the time, and Stewart was issued with a citation.

Three days later however, he told police he no longer wanted to press charges after having time to think about what went down.

Stewart was banned for three games over the incident.