Jaylen Brown Reacts to Draymond Green’s ‘Disrespectful’ Defense in Blowout Win

Brown Green

The Warriors implemented a bizarre defensive strategy against Jaylen Brown on Sunday night and safe to say, they won’t be trying it again.

Draymond Green was matched up with Brown in the first quarter of the game and seemed to want Brown to shoot after letting him knock down some wide open three-pointers.

At first, it seemed the strategy might have been working as Brown missed his first two shots.

But he quickly made up for it and shot his next six straight threes to put up 19 points in just the first quarter.

The Celtics shot out to an 82-38 lead at the HALF and won the game 140-88, while Brown finished the night with 29 points and three rebounds and three assists.

After the game, Brown didn’t seem to impressed with Golden State’s lack of defense.

“It’s the first time it’s ever happened to me,” Brown said of Green’s defense. “Honestly, I was a bit surprised. Took a little bit of adjusting, but I think we just took advantage of whatever that attempt was.

“For the most part my job is to get to the paint. We’ve got enough 3-point shooters on my team. So, I don’t take a lot of threes for the most part throughout the season, because we’ve got enough of that. I get to the paint and usually open it up for everyone else, but if you want to dare me to shoot, we can do that too.

“I thought it was a little disrespectful, but we took advantage of it and we didn’t look back.”

After the embarrassing loss, Green explained that the plan with Brown was quite haphazard and last minute.

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“We implemented our strategy like 15 minutes before we left the locker room,” Green said. “So I don’t necessarily think we put together a full defensive strategy.”

Green added, “I thought it was fun to try. I was actually all for it, like, ‘Let’s try it and see if it works.’ If it doesn’t, oh well. If it does, we found something. All right, it didn’t work, so we move on.”

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