LeBron James Is Using PEDs According to Kevin Garnett

LeBron James

LeBron James is using performance-enhancing drugs, according to Kevin Garnett. In fact, KG says LeBron is “on that new juice”. Garnett made the comments on KG Certified during a conversation with Paul Pierce.

Here’s exactly what was said:

KG: Can Bronny get a bucket on Bron?

Paul Pierce: Yeah for sure

KG: You seen his dad? his dad on that Balco, he on that new juice…

When KG said “Balco”, he was referring to the Bay Area Laboratory Co-operative, a business that became embroiled in a massive scandal when it was caught supplying anabolic steroids to professional athletes.

While James has never failed a drug test, last year documents were uncovered linking his associates to the Biogenesis scandal. Biogenesis was a wellness clinic in Miami that supplied athletes with PEDs, although most of them were baseball players.

LeBron was cleared by the DEA and no one ever dared to ask him why his name appeared in the documents.

It’s possible Garnett was joking when he linked James to PEDs, but that would be a pretty weird and heavy joke to make. He also isn’t the first to make the connection between LeBron and performance-enhacing drugs.

Last year James was accused of using PEDs by former UFC fighter and self-confessed drug cheat Chael Sonnen, who even claimed he and LeBron had the same “drug guy”.

James hasn’t been charged with anything, but plenty of people around the league will take notice any time an accusation (or even a suggestion) is made by a current or former professional athlete.

The LeBron PED conspiracy theory has been out there for some time now, and the plot just thickened with KG’s latest comments.

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