VIDEO: Christian Wood Shows Up at Reality TV Star’s House With Shovel

Christian Wood

Christian Wood has been accused by reality TV star Tee Kissen of showing up at her house with a shovel.

Wood allegedly showed up at her house looking for his son — who he shares with Kissen’s friend — amid an increasingly ugly custody dispute.

In one video, Kissen repeatedly asks Wood what he was doing at her home, but it’s hard to tell exactly what he says in response.

Another video shows Kissen calling Wood a “snitch a– n—-”, in reference to her claims that Wood called the police on her.



Kissen detailed her version of events on social media.

“My friend wanted to go to dinner, so I babysit her son all the sudden this man shows up at my house, telling me to give him his son,” she wrote on Instagram. “I never met this man a day in my life. If fumble a family and fumble a contract was a person. I would never give my friend son to somebody I don’t know at 5 am in the morning especially if they’re having a dispute.

“You gotta problem call the police and that’s exactly what he did. And then threaten my life after the police showed his son safe and sound with his baby mother. Came to the door with a shovel ready to beat my head in as so he said. Thank God the baby wasn’t there this man is dangerous and not fit to be a father. @lakers @jeaniebuss @chriswood_5 I WILL SEE U IN COURT,” Kissen wrote on Instagram.

Wood himself is yet to publicly commented on the matter.

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