Brandin Podziemski’s Ultimate Goal for When Steph Curry Retires

Podziemski Curry

Warriors rookie Brandin Podziemski isn’t taking his time with the NBA’s greatest ever three-point shooter for granted.

20-year-old Podziemski is planning on staying in The Bay for a long time, which means he won’t be teammates with Steph Curry forever.

But he has big plans in the works for when 35-year-old Curry does decide to walk away from the game for good.

“When he retires, in how many years that may be, I feel like it’s my job to fulfill what he’s doing,” Podziemski told reporters.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking Steph is going anywhere anytime soon though.

During All-Star weekend, Curry was asked if he’s thought about how long he wants to keep playing in the NBA.

“I think about it all the time,” Curry told reporters. “But the thoughts stop because you’ve got to get ready for the next game…you embrace the now and eventually you’ll get to a point where you wake up and whatever your body’s telling you, whatever you mind’s telling you it’s time but I don’t think I’m anywhere close to that.”

Having Steph as a role model for how to conduct yourself on and off the basketball court is something that Podziemski is completely in awe of.

“[Curry’s] amazing,” Podziemski said. “Just to see the things he does, as a husband, father, [and] businessman. To see how he treats people. He’s never too good for anybody. He always wants to be treated just like everybody else. You know, for some stars, that may be different. They [might] want a different reality of life. But Steph’s one of those guys who doesn’t care. He just wants to be like everybody else. [He] just wants a chance to play basketball. He loves it for the right reason.

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“To see how he is with his wife, Ayesha, his kids and how he treats all of his teammates and the staff – it’s something you look up to.”

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