Kevin Durant Admits What He Underestimated Most About LeBron James

Durant said LeBron

LeBron James has a storied list of accolades from his 21 years in the NBA, but his rival Kevin Durant believes there’s one thing in particular that sets him apart from every other player.

And that is his longevity in the league.

“When you hit 39 in your 20th year in the league like half your life is in the [NBA] and then you played against like 40 percent of the players has ever played in the league, that longevity has to me something,” Durant said on Boardroom. “That has to be a standard.

“I truly appreciate somebody who has been in a [expletive] for a long time. You don’t get it until you hit like 15- 16 years in the league how hard it is to wake up every day, knowing what you know, and still come to work and still have to mesh with other people who are just experiencing this for the first time, or don’t know as much as you know. You still get up and want to work as hard as you can be the best teammate and work.

“That’s greatness to me, and that’s what I appreciate about LeBron and I overlooked and underestimated when it comes to him. His enthusiasm and love for the game of basketball and it’s that simple.”

Vince Carter had the longest career in NBA history, which spanned 22 seasons.

James could soon become the player with the longest tenure ever if he keeps going the way he is.

Which is highly likely, considering LeBron’s dream is to play in the NBA with his son Bronny.

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Bronny will either be drafted in this year’s or next year’s NBA Draft.

So until then, LeBron will need to keep playing to get his wish.

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