New Details Emerge About Isaiah Stewart Arrest

NBA Player Arrested

Fresh details have emerged about the physical altercation between Isaiah Stewart and Drew Eubanks that led to Stewart’s arrest.

The Athletic’s Shams Charania provided the update Thursday on Stadium TV.

“Isaiah Stewart and Drew Eubanks were in the back hallways pregame, exchanged some words and it really stemmed from their last game against each other in Detroit, November 5th,” Charania said.

“They were chest to chest. Isaiah Stewart dropped his bags and punched Drew Eubanks in the face amid their exchanging of words and them coming chest to chest. I’m told Drew Eubanks was punched in the mouth area and from what I’m told the footage will show Drew Eubanks barely flinched. He stood there stone cold, took the punch obviously and police security got involved, separated them and police had Isaiah Stewart escorted out of the arena.


Charania said the NBA now had footage of the incident and was examining it.

“The attack on Drew Eubanks was unprovoked, and acts of violence such as this are unacceptable,” the Suns said in a statement. “We unequivocally support Drew, and will continue to work with local law enforcement and the NBA.”

The Pistons also released a statement, saying they were aware of the incident.

“We are in the process of gathering information about what happened and what provoked it, and responding to the NBA and local authorities,” the team said.

After being arrested by Phoenix police, Stewart was issued a citation and then released.

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