Dennis Schroder Reacts to Being Traded to the Nets

Schroder Dennis

Dennis Schroder will suit up for the Nets as early as Saturday after being traded there and he has shared his first thoughts about joining Brooklyn.

The former Raptor may play against the Spurs on Saturday and is obviously aware the Nets have lost seven of their last ten games.

“It don’t matter what the circumstances are. I just want to win, and having that mentality of doing it as a team,” Schroder said. “Having a leader out there and just talking to teammates, even if it’s a bad situation.

“I’m always trying to be straightforward with guys and I want people to be the same way with me. If they see anything, what I can do better, just call it out, and then we go from there. That’s how I’ve been my whole career, and it’s just for great intentions, just for winning basketball, and that’s what I try to bring in.”

The guard is averaging 13.7 points, 2.7 rebounds and 6.1 assists for Toronto, but the world saw he is capable of taking a team by storm, after he carried Germany to gold and earned MVP honors at the FIBA World Cup.

He was sure to give props to the Nets’ current players and new teammates during his first press conference.

“Every single day, I try to get better, and we’ve got a lot of talent in this locker room,” Schroder said. “I remember when Mikal [Bridges] and Cam [Johnson], they was on the Phoenix team, and we played them in the first playoff round. Really, really talented players. Lonnie [Walker IV], we made it last year to the Western Conference Finals. He had really big games for us.

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“And everybody else in that locker room have great intentions of winning. And I just want to every single day give everything I have to win the day or win the game when we have one.”

The Nets acquired Schroder and Thaddeus Young from the Raptors in exchange for Spencer Dinwiddie, who was then waived by Toronto.

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