Growing Tension Between LeBron James and Lakers

LeBron James

LeBron James has never been cool with playing for a losing team, and now that he’s 39 years old, he has less patience than ever.

James expressed his frustration on numerous occasions recently, including when he posted a passive-aggressive tweet featuring an emoji that represented time running out.


He also wore a Knicks towel after the Lakers’ recent win at Madison Square Garden.

Now, NBA insider Brian Windhorst has elaborated on James’ growing frustration with the Lakers, saying “we’re about an ‘8’ on the ‘LeBron Passive Aggressive Trade Deadline’ time scale.”

“The Lakers to this point, from what I am told by sources, have not reacted to LeBron’s maneuvers, including wearing the Knicks towel last night, and they have kind of held firm in their talks,” he said on Sunday’s edition of SportsCenter.

“The issue with the Lakers is they have only a couple of draft assets left, and they just want to hold onto them.”


Despite their limited assets, the Lakers have tried to make moves in the leadup to the trade deadline.

The team’s most high-profile attempt to shake up their roster was reportedly an offer to trade D’Angelo Russell to Atlanta in exchange for Dejounte Murray, according to multiple reports.

The Hawks are said to prefer Austin Reaves over Russell but the Lakers are willing to part with him, so nothing has developed just yet.

However, most of the trade action tends to go down very close to the deadline, which is set for Thursday February 8 at 3pm ET.

The Lakers still have time to make some sort of move, but whether it will be enough to appease LeBron will be another story.

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