RJ Barrett Responds to Carmelo Anthony Throwing Shade at Him

RJ Barrett

RJ Barrett had a great response when asked about Carmelo Anthony calling him a “bland player” during a recent interview.

Here’s what Melo said on ‘7PM in Brooklyn’ last week:

“He’s just a bland player, bro. That’s not a shot. That’s not disrespect. I ask a lot of people who are Knicks fans to see what they say, it’s just like, ‘He’s good, he gets it done sometimes, but he’s not an exciting player.’ You don’t know if he’s going to get 4 (points) or 26.”

When asked about Anthony’s comments on the weekend, Barrett had a very measured response.

“I think it was funny,” he said. “Because the next day I had four points. The game before I had 24, so he was almost right. … He’s a Hall of Famer, man.”

Barrett’s response showed a lot of maturity as he avoided getting into caught up in any sort of drama, instead choosing to keep his focus on basketball.

Despite his four-point game against the Utah Jazz, Barrett has largely been in good form with the Raptors.

After averaging 18.2 points and 4.3 rebounds on 42.3 percent shooting with the Knicks, he has since put up 20.2 points, 7 rebounds, 3.6 assists on 54.5 shooting with the Raptors.

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