Draymond Green Opens Up on Warriors Trade Rumors

Rumors Green

The trade rumors about the Warriors have been going crazy, especially considering their current 18-22 record, and four-time Dubs champion Draymond Green has spoken honestly about the chatter.

After the Warriors dropped yet another game against the Grizzlies on Monday, Green acknowledged that his side is “not a very good team right now.”

“I also know, in regard to the Dubs, there’s been a lot of trade rumors,” Green said on a Tuesday’s episode of The Draymond Green Show. “I know my name has came up, I know everyone’s name has came up except for Steph Curry. My name has not come up in trade rumors too often. … And to be honest, I have not thought about it one bit.

“I dont make much of it at all. Rumors are just that: They are rumors. … I hear all the same things that all you guys hear. That is the gift and the curse of social media.”

Rumors about the Dubs trading Green, Klay Thompson, Andrew Wiggins, Chris Paul and Jonathan Kuminga in a multitude of deals have all been thrown around – the latest being that the Mavs are continuing to be linked to Wiggins. 

There was even one recent report that “everyone” but Steph Curry “is on the table”.

Green discussed the possibility of the franchise trading him.

“So if that ever came to fruition, then you cross that bridge when you get there,” Green continued. “I know everyone says, ‘The Warriors got to make a trade. They’re going to make a trade.’ If you’re 18-22, how can you question anything someone does? We’ve had the opportunity to get out there and play and prove ourselves as a team. The reality is we’ve never been a very active team at the trade deadline, I think I can count right at the top of my head guys we’ve traded for at the trade deadline. … However, we also do have a new GM, and Mike has been incredible by the way. He could work differently than Bob [Myers]. He could be more aggressive at the trade deadline than Bob was.

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“I don’t know. I don’t really have a feel for it. Would I be shocked if something was to change or if some trades happen? No. I wouldn’t be shocked. We’re 18-22 with the highest payroll in the league. [Warriors owner] Joe Lacob has a business to run as an owner. Mike has a business to run as general manager. Do I think I’ll be traded? No, I hope not. But if any of those things happen, that’s a part of the business that we chose to be a part of.”

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