Paul George Reacts to Getting Posterized by LeBron James

Lebron George dunk

A 39-year-old LeBron James threw down a monster dunk on Clippers star Paul George last week, and PG-13 has detailed exactly what was going through his mind when it happened.

The Clippers guard explained how he messed up the play to start with when Anthony Davis deflected the ball and LeBron got it and proceeded to go full speed up the court.

“Usually Bron gives it up to get it back, right?,” George said on Podcast P with Paul George. “So I see he’s not giving it up. So, my next train of thought is like let me try to pick him up a little earlier. But at the same time, it’s like ‘I gotta get ready to absorb the contact too’.

“…It was just like a deer in the headlights. I don’t know what to do right here. Before I could think about the next thing to do, I was just stuck.”

The reaction to the dunk from the crowd at arena was wild.

“When it happened, I thought it was crazy because everyone in the f***ing arena was standing,” George said. “The gym was going crazy, so I thought it was worse than it was. When I saw it, I was [not that bad]. It was crazy that he banged that s**t. … He had bad intentions. It was literally like a bull.”

Despite PG-13 trying to absorb the contact from the dunk, he ended up being called for a blocking foul.

“I asked Bron, ‘Bro, did I foul you?’ He was like, ‘Not at all.’ … I needed some help at that moment,” George said. “I was like, ‘All right, cool.'”

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Even though he got totally owned, PG-13 definitely appreciated the fact that an almost 40-year-old LeBron can still produce amazing feats like that.

“For LeBron to still show that athleticism at 39 years old is crazy impressive,” George said.

The Lakers enjoyed a narrow 106-103 victory that day and fans won’t have to wait too long to catch the next battle of LA, as the two teams face off again on January 23.