Lakers Could Land Much-Needed Shooter in Dejounte Murray Trade – Report


Lakers and Hawks executives have been in touch for some time regarding a potential Dejounte Murray trade by all reports, and as discussions intensify, the potential for an expanded trade framework has become a focal point in the media.

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reports that the Hawks are actively shopping Murray, prompting an NBA executive to propose a larger deal if the Hawks insist on acquiring Lakers’ guard Austin Reaves.

Speaking on “NBA Today” recently, ESPN’s Zach Lowe shared insights from one NBA executive, envisioning a complex deal where the Lakers could secure not only Dejounte Murray but also sharpshooter Bogdan Bogdanovich, addressing the Lakers’ desperate need for more shooting.

According to the unnamed executive, the Lakers would also have to include Rui Hachimura, D’Angelo Russell and additional draft compensation.

However, executing such a multifaceted deal presents challenges, especially given the Lakers’ financial constraints, being over the tax and near the hard cap, as noted by ESPN’s Bobby Marks.

The complexity of deals increases with the addition of players, making negotiations difficult. The Hawks appear to be adamant about Austin Reaves being included in the deal, but the Lakers are bound to be reluctant to let him go.

Wojnarowski emphasized that the Hawks aim to recoup a substantial return for Murray. The Lakers, constrained by their available draft capital, can offer only one first-round pick in any in-season trade, either in 2029 or 2030.

Meanwhile, LA could explore expanding the trade for Dejounte Murray at a more affordable price. According to The Athletic’s John Hollinger, the Hawks are eager to shed other big contracts, potentially involving Clint Capela or De’Andre Hunter in a deal for Murray. Hollinger reported ongoing discussions about Murray’s trade value and the possibility of including other key players like Capela and Hunter.

The Hawks, burdened with the contracts attached to Capela and Hunter, see Murray’s contract as a valuable asset to facilitate a trade involving these players. Seeking to offload these contracts, the Hawks have engaged in trade talks, with the Lakers possibly benefiting from the Hawks’ desire to restructure their roster.

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