NBA Fans React to Bucks’ MASSIVE Blowout Win Over the Celtics

Bucks Celtics

NBA fans are roasting the Celtics after the Bucks schooled them 135-102 in a major blowout game on Thursday.

Milwaukee’s 37-point lead at halftime was the fourth-largest in franchise history.

The game was wild from the outset, as the Bucks took a major lead and were up by 111-70 in the THIRD quarter.

Bobby Portis was crazy for the Bucks and scored eight straight points in the first and continued a roll on the rest of the game after recording 28 points.

The scoreline was so bad that TNT actually switched the game to the Mavs-Knicks game. WILD.

Boston did get an OT win against the first seeded (in the West) Timberwolves the night before, but it hasn’t stopped NBA fans hating on them.

Some of the best reactions to the game are below.

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