Draymond Green’s ‘Career is On the Line’: Steve Kerr

Kerr Green Lineup

All eyes will be on Draymond Green when he makes his return for Golden State after an indefinite suspension, and his coach Steve Kerr believes the actions he takes on the court will be crucial.

The four-time champion’s suspension for striking Suns center Jusuf Nurkic spanned 12 games and marked the fourth suspension he’s served since March of 2023.

Kerr is hopeful that Green will change for the better, otherwise it may spell the end for him.

“I think Draymond knows his career is on the line. It really is,” Kerr said Tuesday on 95.7 The Game. “Based on what’s happened over the last year, based on the recent suspension, based on everything that’s gone on — I think he recognizes that it is different this time. This wasn’t a suspension for getting too many technicals. This wasn’t a suspension for one Flagrant foul. This was different.

“This really put him on notice. He’s put himself on notice. That’s what makes this different. And that’s why his response has to be what it’s got to be.”

The 33-year-old admitted that he actually considered retirement in the wake of his latest suspension, but league Commissioner Adam Silver talked him out of it.

He spoke to the media on Tuesday and explained that he was grateful that the suspension was indefinite, as it allowed him to improve and reflect.

“A part of the ‘indefinite’ in returning is being in a better space,” Green said. “To allow my mind to process what it looks like getting in a better space, I think you’re then able to sit with those thoughts … It allowed me to come to some realizations that I needed and wanted to come to.”

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It is unknown exactly when Green will make his return for Golden State, but one thing is for sure. Actions speak louder than words.