NBA Fans Roast Zion For Flaw in His New Tattoo

Zion tattoo

Pelicans star Zion Williamson showed off his new tattoo on social media, but many fans are pointing out that it looks a little off center.

The new artwork depicts what looks to be a big cat or maybe even a roaring gorilla?! Inside a cross.

Of course, NBA fans on X are absolutely roasting Zion for new the ink.

Some of the best reactions are below:


Apart from his terrible tattoo Zion’s weight continues to be a hot topic in the media.

Former NBA Champion Rasheed Wallace is the latest media person to comment on Zion’s size.

“Good talent but yeah, big fella’s struggling,” Wallace said on Shed & Tyler recently. “It’s the weight thing. Once he got injured, and it just so happened to be towards a lower extremity….it kept him out for awhile. That’s when he put that weight on and it’s hard for him to get it off.”

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