Pistons Owner Responds to ‘Sell the Team’ Chants From Fans


Since billionaire business man Tom Gores purchased the Pistons in 2011, things have been pretty grim.

Since the 2011-12 season, Detroit have had just two postseason appearances and were shown the door in the first round on both of those occasions.

The team is now in the midst of their worst losing streak ever and coming dangerously close to the claiming the title for the NBA’s worst losing streak in history.

The 76ers dropped 28 games consecutive games spanning two seasons (2014-15 and 2015-16).

The Pistons have lost 26 games straight as it stands, which ties the longest single-season losing streak in NBA history.

Towards the end of Detroit’s home game against loss the Jazz on Thursday night, “sell the team” chants could be heard throughout Little Ceasars Arena, and Gores has fired back.

“They can say what they want, but that’s ridiculous,” Gores said via a video call with select members of the media on Friday night (per The Athletic). “Other than winning — and we should win more games — we do a lot in the community. Players, the organization, we do a lot in the community. If you put aside winning, we’ve made a very big difference in the community. That means a lot to me. I understand that’s only going to mean a lot to people if we win, but the underworking of what’s happening and with our community, over all these years, is there. We’re doing multibillion-dollar things outside of (basketball). I understand the fans being upset, but it’s a ridiculous thought.”

The owner went on to explain how he shares in the fans’ frustrations and acknowledged that something has to give.

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“I expect change,” Gores said. “I don’t think any narrative here at all should be that there’s no change. Change is coming. I’m just saying that in terms of Monty, Troy, all of that stuff … they will be in place, but I’m all over them. They’ll tell you that too. There’s a lot of accountability that needs to be held. There might be additions to staff and all of that stuff. What’s for sure is that change is coming. We’re not right, right now. We have to add and delete. We’re on it already. We will make changes. We will make them. We don’t know exactly what they’ll be yet.”

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