James Harden Opens Up on Chemistry at Clippers

Harden Clippers Role

After James Harden was traded to the Clippers things looked bleak, but they have turned things around and Harden has spoken about how quick everyone was to blame him.

The NBA world blamed Harden and only Harden for what the Clippers were going through when they endured a five-game losing streak the moment he arrived.

But he reckons that blame was unfounded and that he was just an “easy target”.

“I mean yeah. Who wants to start on a 20-game win streak, you know what I mean like is that even possible,” Harden said, via Sports Illustrated. “You see really good teams still struggling. You know what I mean. It’s just people wanted to say something because I got here and you know what I mean it was an easy target.”

He is working alongside fellow All-Star veterans in Paul George, Kawhi Leonard and Russell Westbrook and explained how success isn’t an overnight process.

“But, for us we are finding each other and figuring each other out,” Harden said. “Like what P [Paul George] likes to do, what I like to do. How Zu [Ivica Zubac], me, Zu, and and DT Daniel Theis], work on our pick and rolls. When we have opportunities, like working this morning. So, it’s just a building process. You know what I mean, as much as we want it to happen all right now, like we’re fine with the process because it’s gonna be better at the end.”

After starting with dropping five straight, LA have now won seven of their last ten games.

“Whether it’s a 6 game losing streak, or a 6 game winning streak,” Harden said. “We’ve got a lot of things to figure out in a good way.”

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