Darvin Ham Reacts to LeBron James-Ime Udoka Incident

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Lakers coach Darvin Ham has hit back at Rockets coach Ime Udoka after he had some choice words for LeBron James on Saturday night.

The purple and gold’s 107-97 victory was somewhat marred by an exchange between LeBron and the Rockets head coach.

Leaked audio of the incident seems to show that Udoka was using the word b*tch towards James and his teammates, which LeBron didn’t take too kindly to.

“We all grown men,” James seemed to say. “That b*tch word ain’t cool. Don’t use it so loosely. Don’t use that word so loosely. Nah, don’t use it so loosely, though. Don’t use it so loosely.”

Ham had the perfect response on Monday, as he told ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne, “There ain’t no crying b*tches over here, Saginaw said so.”

Shelburne explained that Ham is from Saginaw and remarked, “I have not heard him respond to a situation like this since he was a player. When he was on the ‘bad boy’ Pistons with an enforcer mentality.”

Rockets forward Dillon Brooks spoke about to the media about what happened on Monday and blamed the referees.

“I tried to push LeBron away from it,” Brooks said. “The refs just let it get out of hand. A terrible group out there that was reffing, and they lost control of the game, and it was very inconsistent.”

The exchange led to James and Udoka both receiving technical fouls and Udoka was ejected, as it was his second tech of the night.

Even though LeBron got a tech for clapping back at Udoka, Former NBA All-Star Kenyon Martin thinks he should have done more.

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“For a coach to have those things to say, I think Bron should’ve taken it a little further in that moment,” Martin said on Gil’s Arena. You callin’ people b*tches out here, let’s see who your talkin’ about, dog?”