Raptors Coach Defends Integrity Amid Knicks Lawsuit

Raptors coach lawsuit


As the Raptors and the Knicks met, Toronto coach Darko Rajakovic was busy defending himself and explained how the truth about the lawsuit filed by New York against the Raptors franchise will soon come out.

“Support from the beginning was just fine because we talked about it, we explained what happened or what did not happen. I know who I am, I know my integrity, I know who I represent,” Rajakovic told the media before the Knicks-Raptors game. “I represent one amazing organization and people in the front office and the players. I’m really looking forward for all of this to be solved and for everybody to find out the truth. I’ve got nothing to worry about.”

Rookie coach Rajakovic, along with other Raptors staffers were accused of stealing tons of proprietary information from the Knicks franchise, inlcluding thousands of video files.

A man named Ike Azotam, a former Knicks staffer was hired by Toronto and was the one whole allegedly stole all the files and information.

New York allege that Rajakovic, specifically, “conspired to use Azotam’s position as a current Knicks insider to funnel proprietary information to the Raptors to help them organize, plan, and structure the new coaching and video operations staff.”

Maybe Toronto haven’t had a chance to look over the files yet, because they lost to NY 119-106 on Friday night.

For Azotam’s part, he doesn’t seem to have burnt every bridge at the Knicks, as he was seen hugging a staff member before the two team’s matched up, according to The Post.

The suit was filed back in August and remains unresolved, as the Raptors look to get the case dismissed.

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