Jayson Tatum Roasted For Wildly Unpopular Take on In-Season Tournament

In-Season Tatum

Jayson Tatum may soon get cancelled by NBA Commissioner Adam Silver for his take on the In-Season Tournament, which has sparked a roasting from NBA fans.

Seems as though Tatum is feeling salty after the Celtics’ 113-96 loss to the Magic during Friday’s In-Season slate, where Orlando blew out the score late in the contest.

“The point differential thing, I’m not the biggest fan of it because there were certain instances, I guess last Friday, where the game is already over and guys are still trying to score,” Tatum told reporters after Sunday’s regular-season win over the Hawks.

“It’s all about respecting the game and respecting your opponents so that part I’m really not a fan of because if you were on the opposite end of that you would feel some kind of way. So I understand. So just try to win the game however we can.”

Boston now needs to win and get help from other teams to have any chance at advancing to the In-Season quarterfinals after dropping to 2-1 in pool play since the loss.

Many NBA fans on X were quick to counter Tatum’s argument’s surrounding the In-Season Tournament.

Some of the best reactions to his comments are below.


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Despite the criticisms, Tatum also looked for the positives and said how he enjoys the competition of the In-Season Tournament.

“It’s cool,” Tatum told reporters. “I know that the fans enjoy the court. The court is cool. The different courts that each home team has. I know Tuesday is complicated. There’s a million things that can happen so that sh*t is a little tricky but I think it’s been great. It gives guys something to look forward to early in the season.”

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