The Reminder From Steve Kerr That Got Klay Thompson Back on Track

Klay Thompson Kerr

Klay Thompson had a game that Dubs fans have been waiting all season to see and Warriors head coach Steve Kerr’s advice helped to make it happen.

Thompson and Golden State got out of their respective slumps after a 121-115 win over the Rockets on Monday, a game where Klay got his first 20-point haul of 2023-24.

Kerr explained how he had to get Klay to refocus after he started to throw up some bad shots early in the contest.

“He made a couple early and then he immediately took two bad shots,” Kerr said postgame. “So I did not sense it early [that a big game was coming]. I just reminded him: If you’re not open, just move it. Look at these guys on the team who will get you the ball.”

The negative chatter surrounding the Warriors legend has been rife to start the season.

But Thompson isn’t worried about his slow start.

“I’m not restless,” Thompson told media after his breakout game. “I mean, I’m just being myself and I’d have full, full confidence in my ability to have a great season.”

The shooting guard is putting up just 34.3 percent from three so far this season, but knows there is time and space to improve.

“Although I’ve not shot the ball to my standards, that’s fine. The season is long, you can’t get discouraged. I know that better than anybody. And I try to take Steve’s advice because he’s seen it all. So for me, it’s just about enjoying this run, having fun.”

His teammates certainly haven’t lost faith in his ability.

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Five of Thompson’s seven field goals came from Chris Paul assisting.

“Analytics is crazy now,” Paul said after the game. “I would have never known that. We’re just hooping. I tell Klay all the time, and I played against him for a long time, every time he shoots it, I think it’s going in.”

Paul himself had an impressive night as well, recording 15 points, six rebounds and 12 assists in the victory.

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