Instagram Model Exposes Max Christie For Cheating on His Girlfriend

Max Christie GF

Young Lakers player Max Christie has been exposed by an Instagram model for cheating on his girlfriend.

Two women were interviewed in a video on TikTok recently, and one of them called out the Lakers guard.

One of the models talked about her interaction with an NBA player, but didn’t name them at first.

She explained how the guy put her a time limit when they were together and was eager to get the deed done straight away.

“I was talking to this guy last night, and he put me on a time limit,” the model said in the video. “He was like, ‘Can we get right into it?’ It was a Laker guy.
“He said, ‘We have an hour, can we get right into it?’ I said, ‘We have a time limit? I’m not gonna come then.’ He was giving me a time limit. I didn’t go.”

The other model in the video blurted out that it was Christie and was told to “shut the f*** up”.

But she decided to fully expose the Lakers young player for his actions.

“Max Cristie, f*** you cause you got a girlfriend, you be adding my b**** back to f*** her, even though you’re not getting any pussy from her cause she’s more respectful.”

Max Christie is dating Sydney Parrish, who is a college basketball athlete for the Indiana Hoosiers women’s basketball team.

The pair announced their relationship in June 2022 through their Instagram account, which appears to have since been deleted.

There are rumors afoot that the two are not longer together, but there have been no confirmed reports of this.

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20-year-old Christie he played eight games this season and is only averaging 3.0 points, 2.8 rebounds, and 0.6 assists.

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