Doctor Explains Why Draymond Green’s Chokehold on Rudy Gobert Was So Dangerous

Gobert chokehold

A Doctor has spoken out about Draymond Green’s violent chokehold on Rudy Gobert and why it was so dangerous and concerning.

Some NBA fans are making jokes about how Green is the ‘best MMA fighter in the NBA’, but Dr. Brian Sutterer, MD thinks it’s not laughing matter.

“I will say one of the most concerning things honestly about this whole sequence was how Draymond initially went in just with his forearm on the front, striking the front part of Gobert’s throat,” Sutterer said. “When we look at our bio digital tool here, that can result in a lot of trauma to the larynx or to the trachea even the hyoid bone.”

“So, that first moment where Draymond just comes in and his forearm hits square in the front in that Adam’s apple in that larynx in and of itself can result in some direct trauma fracture to these laryngeal structures in the front of the neck,” Sutterer said.

He went on to explain how the way Green was holding Gobert’s neck and the dragging action he was taking was of great concern.

“The next part of this then that’s really terrifying and just awful to watch is how Draymond just basically tries to drag Gobert by his neck,” Sutterer continued. “So, he’s got his arms up under his neck here, we’ll talk about these different chokehold positions, but he just proceeds to drag Gobert, a large human, by his neck, something that in itself adds to the danger of what is being done here.”

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MMA athletes grapple each other to get into these positions, but for Green to go straight into it without any warning and apply such pressure could have caused Gobert to pass out, Sutterer, explained.

“If you hold pressure long enough and hard enough, you’re going to compromise the blood flow to the brain,” Sutterer continued. “Whenever the brain has impaired blood flow, eventually the response sort of down the line effect is you lose consciousness. You lose consciousness and you pass out.”

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