The Brutal Stats That Are Setting off Alarm Bells in Golden State

Golden State

Steph Curry is doing his best to keep the ship afloat in Golden State, having made a league-leading 61 threes in just 11 games so far this season. Curry is shooting at a scorching 44.6 percent from long range, putting him on pace for his best three-point shooting season since 2015-16.

But what must keep Steph up at night is the astounding lack of help he is receiving from his teammates. Curry has made more threes so far this season than Golden State’s next six most-used players combined.

Chris Paul, Andrew Wiggins and Jonathan Kuminga have been especially awful, shooting a combined 14-85 (16%) from deep. Wiggins has been bad across the board, scoring just 10 points per game despite averaging 19 over his career.


In terms of field goal percentage, Klay Thompson’s 42.6% shooting ranks him 114th of the 143 players to satisfy Basketball Reference’s minimum requirements, while Wiggins is 125th at 41.2 percent from the field.

As for Golden State’s lack of scoring in general, try this stat on for size: Nobody on the team other than Curry has scored more than 20 points in a game this season. That’s despite 125 players managing to do so, an average of four players per team, according to ESPN.

And yet, the Warriors are still ranked 10th in terms of offensive rating thanks to Curry’s excellence. But if Golden State want to be legitimate contenders, everyone else will need to step up sooner rather than later.

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