Gilbert Arenas and Brandon Jennings Share Wild Stories About NBA Groupies

Gilbert Arenas

Gilbert Arenas has teamed up with Brandon Jennings and Kenyon Martin to lift the lid on life in the NBA, including what it’s like dealing with groupies.

Speaking on the Gil’s Arena podcast, Martin relayed a conversation he had with his son KJ Martin, who’s currently with the Philadelphia 76ers, about the fact that the woman has was seeing had likely slept with at least one of his teammates, with such a thing being so commonplace in the league.

“Oh, believe that,” Jennings immediately chimed in. “Especially in this era.”

Martin said his suspicions were eventually proved correct.

“It’s treacherous out here in these streets, bruh,” he said. “No code. Ain’t no moral code out here.”


Arenas said he once warned a teammate that “70 percent” of their significant others will sleep with another NBA player while they’re dating.

“You’re introducing her to a life that you are the beginning of,” Arenas said. “No matter if you the No. 1 pick, you are the bottom end of it. Right? There’s players on that team that you watched and admired, they watched and admired, they had crushes on.”

Basically, Arenas, Jennings and Martin established that the lack of faithfulness on the part of many NBA players was a two-way street when it came to the women they were seeing.

Arenas added that while a lot of players slept with the same groupies, he still drew the line at sleeping with someone else’s wife or girlfriend.

“So if you violated [that], we trying to get you off the team,” he said. “We don’t want you no more.”

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