Joel Embiid Responds to James Harden Saying He Was On a ‘Leash’ in Philly

Joel Embiid

Joel Embiid has responded to James Harden’s eyebrow-raising comments about his shortlived stint in Philadelphia.

Speaking at his introductory press conference with the Clippers, Harden claimed he felt the 76ers had put him on a leash and said of his supposedly limited role, “I’m not a system player, I am a system.”

Naturally, Embiid was asked about all this after Philadelphia’s 114-99 win over Toronto on Thursday, and it’s safe to say he didn’t agree with Harden’s stance.

“We allowed him to just be himself, and we gave him the ball on every single possession,” Embiid said. “Because he’s really good. He’s an amazing player. I’m not that great of a passer, [so] we gave him the ball.

“He had to make decisions as far as getting guys open or looking out for himself. I thought he did a pretty good job of getting us into our offense, passing the ball, getting guys open. That’s the reason why he won the assists title last year.”


Embiid added that he was just glad to be able to move on from Harden’s standoff with the 76ers.

“I’m happy that the situation got resolved and I’m happy for him, it’s all business…I hope he has a chance to succeed and make a lot of money, play good basketball and be able to win. I hope we both make the Finals but he’s on the losing side of it.”

James Harden and Joel Embiid will face off when the 76ers face the Clippers in LA on March 24. Harden will then make his return to Philadelphia three nights later on March 27.

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