Josh Hart Escalates Tristan Thompson Beef With Hilarious Troll

Josh Hart Thompson

Knicks forward Josh Hart has responded to Tristan Thompson’s comments about him and there seems to be some beef brewing. Literally.

But first, some context.

Before the Cavs and Knicks matchup on Tuesday, Thompson was asked for his thoughts on the rebounding similarities between him and Hart.

Safe to say he did not like the comparison at all.

“Me and Josh Hart similarities with offensive rebounding? You should’ve used Pat Beverly as a comparison,” Thompson said, via Stefan Bondy of the New York Post. “Me and Josh Hart rebounding-wise? No. That’s like a filet and a sirloin steak.”

Then, the Cavs owned the Knicks with a 109-91 win on Tuesday night and Hart out-rebounded Thompson 7-2.

Hart got another W when he hilariously trolled Thompson while he was asked about the Cavs’ desire to get revenge on the Knicks for ending their playoffs run last year.

“You always see it, man. We don’t really care. That’s for them, man. If they wanna have that chip on their shoulder, that’s good for them. We don’t really care. We’re just sirloin steaks,” Hart told Kristian Winfield. 


The two teams faced off again the very next day, and the Cavs did get their revenge with a 95-89 victory over NY.

The real winner was Hart though, who again out-rebounded Thompson 8-5.

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