Doc Rivers Is Dishing the Dirt on James Harden and Ben Simmons

Doc Rivers

Doc Rivers is done coaching, for now at least, and that means he’s free to dish the dirt on James Harden and Ben Simmons following each player’s controversial holdouts in Philadelphia.

Doc hasn’t wasted any time either. Speaking on The Dan Patrick Show recently, Rivers said Harden lost his focus last season after getting snubbed for the All-Star Game.

“He would never say this, but in my gut, I thought it changed almost immediately,” Rivers said. “I remember about a game or two after that, he called me and said, ‘Hey, I want to start playing with the second unit more’, and I knew exactly what that means.  More shots…”

“… And we had our ups and downs from that point on. You know what’s funny about our relationship, it was an honest one, I’ll tell you that. It’s probably why I’m doing TV (laughs).”


The former Philly coach was also asked whether Harden or Simmons was more frustrating to coach, and this is what he had to say.

“Maybe James, only because James can. When he did, we were great. Ben was frustrating in a whole different way… I didn’t have the frustration with Ben thinking if Ben did this we could win it.”

Sheesh. Stay tuned for more spicy Doc Rivers comments.

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