Darvin Ham Weighs In on LeBron-Victor Wembanyama Rookie Hype

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Victor Wembanyama is being lauded as the best NBA talent since LeBron James in his rookie year and Lakers coach Darvin Ham has given his honest opinion on the hype.

Ham was asked if the Wemby hype can at all compare to the LeBron hype back in 2003 when he made his NBA debut.

“It’s close, but again we’re just at the outset,” Ham said. “The young fella is really, really impressive, what I’ve seen thus far. And watching him when he was over in France. But for the most part, he has a long way to go. He definitely has the potential, but I mean when you talk about durability, the self-care, the work that’s put in, he has the potential I’ll say that again, but time will tell.”

It is the 20th anniversary of James’ debut on Sunday, as the Lakers face the Kings in Sacramento.

The very same city where LeBron made his NBA debut 20 years ago. The NBA script writers just get it so right sometimes.

As for Wembanyama, he has taken the hype and run with it during his first few games in the league.

He got his first win with the Spurs on Saturday against the Rockets and he finished the night with 21 points on 7-of-19 shooting (0-for-6 from deep), 12 rebounds, three blocks and two steals in the 126-122 overtime triumph.

According to ESPN Stats & Information, he also became the first Spurs player with 20 points, ten rebounds and three blocks in a game since Tim Duncan and the second Spurs player in team history to have a 20-point, 10-rebound game within his first two career games, joining David Robinson.

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“I really, really love winning,” Wembanyama said after the game. “It’s what I love most in life, so of course it feels great.”

LeBron and Wembanyama will face off for the first time ever on December 13 in San Antonio.

Popcorn will definitely be needed for that one.

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