Savannah James Straight-Up Said LeBron Plans to Play With Both Sons


In a voiceover for a new Beats by Dre commercial, Savannah James has referenced LeBron’s desire to play not only with his eldest son Bronny, but also his youngest son Bryce.

“Tell them you’re not done until you play with your son,” Savannah says at the 1:30 mark as Bronny appears on-screen.

“Then do that, again,” she continues as Bronny’s face is replaced with Bryce’s.


James’ desire to play with Bronny has long been common knowledge. And while it’s safe to assume he’d also like to play with Bryce, it’s been unconfirmed whether this is something LeBron is seriously trying to do considering he’d have to play until he’s at least 42 years old.

The idea of LeBron playing with Bryce has of course been speculated about, but it hasn’t been discussed as much as a potential LeBron-Bronny team-up due to Bronny being eligible for the NBA Draft two years earlier.

Bronny can declare for the draft next year, while Bryce will become eligible in 2026.

LeBron has a player option for next season, which would give him the flexibility to leave the Lakers and sign with whichever team drafts Bronny.

However, a recent report from The Athletic’s Joe Vardon claims that those in the know believe the Lakers will find a way to make sure LeBron is able to play with Bronny in Los Angeles.


The article also notes the possibility that Bronny suffering cardiac arrest in July could delay his entrance into the NBA.

“The serious health issue that befell his son Bronny over the summer and potentially delayed his entrance into the NBA Draft could be the single biggest factor affecting James’ free agency,” the report states.

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