Former NBA Player Rips James Harden Amid Absence From Team

Harden rip

James Harden has skipped Sixers practice for the second day running and is yet to compete in a preseason game and one former NBA player has spoken candidly about the situation.

The team have told the media that Harden is away because of a “personal matter”, which seems like super convenient timing.

“I think the organization has made it clear what’s going on,” head coach Nick Nurse said at the 76ers’ New Jersey complex. “They’re working on stuff, as we say, day by day. We had a really good practice today. Very energetic. The guys that were here, that’s what we’re focused on.”

It is no secret that Harden wants to be traded to the Clippers, but former NBA player Kenyon Martin says that The Beard’s behavior doesn’t warrant much trust and other teams may be put off by it.

“If I’m James Harden, I can’t expect them people to give me another five years for 250 million dollars, dog!” former Nets star Kenyon Martin said on Gil’s Arena. “Could give a f*ck what he promise me sitting at the dinner table. If I’m being honest, he tell me that sh*t, I’m leaving that meeting thinkin’ he’s a f*ckin’ liar.

“If I’m being honest with myself in this situation, everything that I’ve put on the table? The last three stops? Everything that I’ve put on the table, why would somebody sign me up for another five [years] for the maximum amount of money they could possibly give me? We’re naive.”

As for Philly, they are carrying on with or without him.

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Stating the obvious, Nurse affirmed that Harden participating in the team’s final preseason game seems “unlikely”.

“It’s been ongoing for a long time now,” Nurse said. “I’ve got a job to do with the guys that are here and we just go to work. If that changes, we’ll adjust. That’s what we do.”

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