NBA Fans React to Superfan’s Wild Tattoo of Ben Simmons’ Face

tattoo Simmons

Even Ben Simmons himself couldn’t believe it when a fan showed him a tattoo of his own face as the Nets were warming up for their preseason game against the Sixers on Monday.

The man has a pretty large tattoo of Simmons’ face on his chest and judging by the look on Ben’s face, it was the last thing he was expecting to see heading up the tunnel after warmups.

NBA fans have reacted to the video the Nets originally posted on X in the most hilarious way.

Simmons has participated in two preseason games for the Nets and looks to be much healthier than last season, where he was plagued with multiple injuries.

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He played in an exhibition game against a professional team from Israel over the weekend and spoke about the parts of his game he has gotten back after his knee and back problems.

“I’m still fast, I still jump high [and] I’m still strong,” Simmons said after the game.

“I’ve had to adapt to the game, but I think my [basketball] IQ and the way I play the game, I’m able to affect the game in multiple ways, [even] without the athleticism that, at the end of the day, I got back,” Simmons said. “I looked OK [on the court]. I’m getting better.”

Simmons’ teammate Mikal Bridges spoke after the game about how Simmons impacts helps Brooklyn.

“Just the force [he brings],” Bridges said. “It makes our team just way much better and to have him out there, happy that he’s healthy. … We need him out there. It’s just how our team was built and how good a player he is, we need that and it’s going to elevate us more.”

The three-time All-Star is starting for the Nets tonight as they take on his old team the Sixers.

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