Miles Bridges Responds to Further Domestic Allegations


Another arrest warrant on Miles Bridges has been brought to light this week and issued due to a prior domestic violence incident.

It was regarding a situation in January in which Bridges violated a protective order regarding his former partner.

But, it has since been revealed that there was another incident that occurred just this month on October 6, when Bridges and the woman were meeting for a child custody exchange.

A criminal summons has been issued.

“Part of the summons says the woman accuses Bridges of throwing pool table balls at her vehicle while the children were in the car,” The Charlotte Observer reports. “She says he threatened her, saying that if she called police he would withhold child support money, according to the court summons. Bridges also allowed his current girlfriend to “yell, scream and kick the victim’s car” while children were inside, the summons alleges.”

The woman is also claiming that Bridges threatened her by saying he would withhold child support money if she called the police.

Bridges is now being charged with misdemeanor child abuse, injury to personal property and a domestic protective order violation.

The Charlotte forward has responded to all of this by changing his profile picture on X to Johnny Depp.

As the whole world knows, Depp went through a very public trial (which he won) with his ex Amber Heard and claimed to have never hit any woman.

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NBA fans have reacted to the move on X.

The Hornets issued a statement about the developing situation on Thursday.

“We are aware of the reports and are in the process of gathering more information.”

More to come.

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