Paul George Addresses Beef With Devin Booker

Beef George Booker

Paul George and Devin Booker have had some heated moments on the court, but recently there was beef off the court and George has spoken candidly about it.

But first, let’s give some context.

Earlier this offseason, Booker called PG-13 out for a question he asked Klay Thompson on Podcast P With Paul George that mentioned the Suns shooting guard.

It seemed as though Booker thought PG was trying to bait Klay into dissing Booker, so Booker called Paul out on Instagram by saying, “is that the answer u was looking for?”

George fired back about it on a Twitch stream, “I asked a question. Klay gave his response…I don’t know what that was supposed to mean. Sorry ass response.”

This week, PG-13 was asked about the beef and where he stands with Booker, and it definitely doesn’t sound like anything has been resolved.

“I don’t know where it took the turn,” George told B/R’s Taylor Rooks. “Things got heated when we played Phoenix. Conversation sparked. It came from that end. Again, this goes down to respect line, and me and Devin always been good. He was little bro when he came into league, and then all of a sudden, temperature changed into where now is a line that was passed. (He) stepped over the line.

“So like, now, it’s just it is what it is at this point. But, to go off that question, it was just me asking Klay, obviously, it was it was about that moment, and I forget what question I asked him, but his answer was his answer. If you watch the Pod(cast), I’m never looking to do clickbait stuff or have someone say something that’s going to raise questions.

“He answered it from an honest perspective. He, as another young man in his game, making a name for himself, making a way, paving the way, like whatever Klay’s answer your answer was, that was his answer. Cool. I wasn’t looking to pick or dig. I would have said something myself if that was the case. But again, he took it upon himself to be seen or heard in that moment. Cool. Now it is what it is. It’s stuck. If it’s up, then it’s stuck.”

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The Clippers will be playing the Suns at Footprint Center early next year on January 3.

Safe to say we’ll be counting down the days until that matchup.

Have your popcorn ready.

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