DeMar DeRozan Blasts Bulls’ Critics

DeMar Critics

Veteran forward DeMar DeRozan has hit back at the Bulls’ critics who think the team needs to undergo a rebuild.

The Bulls have struggled with consistency the last few seasons due to various health issues and team connectivity, but DeRozan says the armchair critics just don’t get it.

“I think a lot of people who say that or suggest that really don’t understand basketball at all, in my opinion,” DeRozan told Sportskeeda. “You can think that’s an answer or that’s a route. But there’s no telling how long that route is going to even last. That route doesn’t necessarily always work in a timely fashion that you may think it will take.

“With that, it’s hard to find and create talented players like the players that we already have assembled. We made a lot of mistakes. It’s not only on the players, but the coaching staff as well to be able to correct the mistakes that we have because we weren’t far off at all with the mistakes that we’ve had.”

The 34-year-old is entering his 15th NBA season, so there are always trade rumors floating around.

But DeMar has revealed that he likes the Bulls so much he wants to stay in Chicago until his time is up.

“That’s a place I want to be and end my career,” DeRozan said. “I want to be able to accomplish everything I’ve set out to accomplish. That’s all I can worry about and control. I have the utmost confidence in myself. I’ll let my agent and the organization deal with that side of things, to be honest man. From their standpoint, they want me to be there long-term and vice versa. We’ll see what happens from there.”

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Losing Lonzo Ball to injury multiple times has thrown the team into disrepair in the past.

We will soon see if this season will be any different.

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