Andre Iguodala Gives Brutally Honest Take On White NBA Players


Andre Iguodala sparked some controversy last year when he said Donte DiVincenzo was “one of the white guys that actually belong at a high level”.

More recently, Iguodala expanded on his thoughts about white NBA players during an appearance on JJ Redick’s podcast The Old Man and the Three.

Iggy seemed to suggest he still didn’t believe a lot of white players belonged in the league, but said he had the utmost respect for those who proved themselves, using Utah Jazz big man Walker Kessler as an example.


“I’d never heard of this dude, and when I watched him play in a game, I got some minutes against him… He’s like a presence. I’m like, ‘Oh shit, you can play, you a good white dude’. I think there is a different level of respect for the white guys we feel belong in the NBA.”

Iguodala said his views stemmed from hundreds of years of oppression of African Americans.

“I took every African American history studies class, so that rubs off a little bit in my conversations sometimes and I have to be cautious,” he said.

Andre Iguodala

Former number two overall pick Evan Turner, who appeared on the same episode, had a lighter take on white NBA players.

“You guys are really superhumans of your people,” he said as everyone burst into laughter.

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