The Wildest Damian Lillard Trade Rumors Going Around

Wildest Lillard

The Damian Lillard trade saga continues, so let’s take a look at some of the wildest trade rumors that are circulating right now.

Multiple sources are reporting that the Blazers are looking to trade Lillard before the start of training camp on October 2.

Earlier this week, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported that Miami do want Lillard, but just “just want him for as little as they’re going to have to give up… They’re essentially daring [the Trail Blazers] to go out into the marketplace— which Portland is doing.”

Now, the suitors for Dame are lining up and according to Phoenix insider Gerald Bourguet, the Suns are a dark horse to help facilitate a trade.

“Philadelphia, Miami and Portland, as well as the Toronto Raptors and Chicago Bulls — are heating up, Bourguet said.”…and many of them view the Suns as a team that could push a potential blockbuster deal across the finish line.”

Pheonix have recruited very well this offseason, but one logical trade piece still left is Deandre Ayton, who Bougret says outside of Phoenix he is “viewed as an enticing piece who could help facilitate a Lillard trade.”

“Sources in Portland confirmed that Ayton’s name has come up multiple times over the last few weeks,” Bougret said.”….Portland believes he’d be sellable to the fanbase as a young, former first overall pick with room to grow in the right change of scenery.”

The wildest part is, there are reports that an Ayton for Jusuf Nurkic swap could be on the cards.

“Jusuf Nurkic is the name that keeps coming up, but aside from their salaries not matching, it’d be shocking if Phoenix entertained the idea of an injury-prone, 29-year-old downgrade serving as their new starting center…unless the right piece was attached from another team,” Bourgret explained.

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Meanwhile, PHLY_Sports’ Kyle Neubeck has said that the Bulls “might be trying to move LaVine as part of a multi-team deal just to see if they can get into the Lillard sweepstakes.”

Portland aren’t interested in LaVine directly but he could have an impact in a deal.

With all these other teams being thrown into the mix, Portland haven’t been very impressed with the offers they’re making, The Oregonian’s Aaron J Fentress reports.

“I’m told that there’s not great traction in these areas, that they’re really not being wowed by anything that’s substantial,” Fentress said.

Even if Lillard is traded to a team other than Miami, he will reportedly request a trade to the Heat.

Are all roads leading to Miami right now?

Let’s hope we find out soon.

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