Draymond Green Blasts Reporter Over Leaked Dwight Howard Info

Leaked Draymond Dwight

Draymond Green doesn’t seem to be too happy about leaked information regarding Dwight Howard potentially joining Golden State.

Last offseason around the same time, footage of Draymond punching Jordan Poole was leaked.

Now, it’s information about Dwight. When will it end?!

Green took aim at reporter Jason Dumas who said, “Source: Dwight Howard has wrapped up his two-day interview process with the Warriors. A decision could come as soon as today. The vets have signed off on the idea of bringing Dwight into the fold. He will now head to LA to workout with Draymond & CP3 on Thursday.”

The veteran forward saw the post on X called out Dumas, kind of.

“One day, one day, everything won’t leak,” the X post read. “One day. Good for you btw Jason. But one day, EVERYTHING won’t leak. I have a dream”

With the way that Draymond has responded you would think Dumas’ information is pretty accurate, otherwise why would Green bother responding?

Of course, he was trolled in the comments by NBA fans.

Another user said, “CP3 getting the final vote? How’d he get the same level of clout as Draymond in just a few weeks there”.

One user wrote, “Says the player who told the media about his personal phone calls to Kevin Durant. Ya just gotta love Day-Day, Yo…”

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The thought of having Dwight on an already stacked veteran Warriors team has got fans hyped.

But earlier this week, NBA insider Kendra Andrews Golden State are treating Howard’s workout like any other.

“…with Dwight Howard again, they want to look at a veteran, they want to look at a big man, but by bringing him into San Francisco this week, that doesn’t mean he is a member of the team. This is just another part of the process as they work to fill out the remaining roster spots.”

Judging by Dumas’ information, we may know very soon if we will see Howard in Warriors kit for the first timer ever.