Why the Knicks Have Biggest Advantage in Potential Giannis Bidding War

Knicks Giannis

The Knicks have an asset that could help them land one of the biggest fish in the league if a bidding war between NBA teams was to ensue for Giannis.

That is their top-four protected pick, which they acquired from the Kemba Walker-Jalen Durant 2022 Draft Day trade.

NBA insider Zach Lowe explained just how New York could use the pick to their advantage.

“What the Knicks have going for them is they can return that 2025 Bucks pick to Milwaukee,” ESPN’s Zach Lowe said on The Lowe Post.

“If you’re the Bucks, you know the picks from the team that gets Giannis are not that appealing because that team is probably going to be very good because Giannis will be on it. The idea of getting picks from teams who are not that team [trading for him], from third teams, including yourself as the Bucks, is an interesting one.”

Antetokounmpo has been very clear about his desire to win and has said on the record more than once, that it he can’t win with the Bucks that he’ll likely move onto another team.

The only issue with New York is if they have the kinds of players you will need to secure a two-time MVP, Lowe says.

“The Knicks’ issue is I just don’t know what the [outgoing] blue-chip talent is, if any, that they have,” Lowe said. “If you are the Bucks, are you excited about RJ Barrett or Immanuel Quickley, who’s extension eligible right now?”

New York are one of the favorites to land Giannis if he was to leave Milwaukee, and despite Lowe’s thoughts, fellow ESPN insider Ramona Shelburne thinks NY could pull it off.

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“The Knicks because they really do have a lot of assets, and it’s a big market, Shelburne said on The Lowe Post. “They’ve sort of kept them after they didn’t make that Donovan Mitchell trade… They’re very well positioned.”

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